Don't Pay Anyone Without Meet In Real !!

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Nothing more beautiful than a smile

About Me

Bring me to your part of the country! I want to see it all.

I love travel and adventure, so consider me your own personal nomad as I make this country my own! You'll find me bouncing around from East Coast to West, through the Rockies and down to the good old dirty South.

I'm here to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life! You'll find that I'm a down to earth kind of lady, who doesn't care if you make your living on Wall Street or selling newspapers on the corner. As long as you're looking to be respectful, that's all I care for.

[[ Well, maybe a bit disrespectful, but only if you ask me nice ;) ]]

Let's turn the world off for a little while and get lost in each other. Just take my hand.

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