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About Me

I am Leyla Amar, the girl next door who also lives out of her suitcase! It’s a bit difficult to write about myself... in a short sum, think of me as a well-cared-for kitten. Wandering eyes are met with my innocent face, dancer’s body, and cascading Mediterranean hair that just grazes the small of my waist. Often I'm complimented on my 'natural beauty' look and petite figure. As seductive as my physical presence can be, I also find a deep satisfaction in making those around me feel comfortable and like the best version of themselves. I love conversations that dance between intellect and playfulness. Beautiful places that set the tone of experience. Nights that commence in poshness but can lead to us feeling like teenagers again, sneaking around to where we’re not supposed to. Humor that makes me blush. My touch that makes blood rush and other thoughts stop. Regardless of where we are - I know how to make you feel like the only person in the world.


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